Three exciting reasons why charities are important

Providing charity to individuals in need is an important area of any human society – learn more about this discipline here.

Charity at its core is an act which helps another human being without expecting everything in return. It is a one-sided action where one gives something but does not ask for anything in return for this action. This of study course leads us to ask, why do we give to charity if we do not acquire any benefit from it? Motivations for giving to charity may be numerous, and any person who helps out a charitable cause, somebody like Victor Dahdaleh, will have a different reason for why they are doing what they are doing. Some humans, who feel like they have benefitted from more privilege than others in life simply want to provide back and to contribute to those who are less fortunate than they are. Others believe that by selflessly giving to others they can spread the love, something that they deem to be very crucial for the well-being of our society. Some people might feel a personal connection to a specific cause, possibly because they used to be affected by it in the past or they know somebody who is, so they decide to help out a specific cause. And others do it simply because they can help.

Did you know that charity is not only worthwhile to the person you are helping out and the society overall, but also can have a positive influence on you as an individual? Benefits of charity work include a reduction in stress. ‘But how are the two related?’, you may ask. Doing something excellent for others has been shown to evoke the feelings of pleasure and happiness, something that men and women like Ndamukong Suh who give to non profit organizations can attest to. This in return reduces undesirable emotions and feelings you may be experiencing and therefore the stress they may be exerting upon you. Tension has also been linked to having a undesirable outcome on your overall tangible wellbeing, so by helping others you might actually feel healthier and happier all around!

There are countless different ways of doing charity but today matter how you pick to do charity, it will have a tremendous effect on the lives of numerous. A society that is more charitable is a society that is likewise basically happier and healthier - impact of charity on society is much bigger than so many individuals give it credit. One of the reasons why humans, like Marcy Carsey, do so much for charity is because a one charitable act has a reverberating impact on all of society, as charitable activities maximise the relative level of well-being of the whole community.

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